Development Info:
Date: January, 2018
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Position: Design, Conception, Creation
Platform: PC
Tools: Unity, Ableton Live 9
Team size: Solo
                         • Researched and deconstructed similar music games
                         • Created editor tools to automate musical gameplay
                         • Released and publicized it
Game Description:
An Experimental music gameplay system. Created with the intent: 
"Using only audio loops and inputs, I intend to make a meditative sound experience based solely on the players own timing and triggering of music. By doing so I expect to present players with a more immersive sound experience taking place in their mind with no visuals; in essence, creating a game that blind people can play with their ears."
More Info:
I encourage you to check out my article where I talk about the tool I built for the game, and my design decisions.
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