Development Info:
Date: May, 2016
Timeframe: 6 weeks
Position: Systems, Level, and Sound Design
Platform: Android and PC
Tools: Unreal Engine, Ableton Live 9, Illustrator, Excel
Team size: 5
                         • Created systems, music and level design
                         • Guided art direction
                         • Exhibited at Gamefest 2016 
Game Description:
SYSTEM: Cyclone was an ambitious project with an easily scalable idea: a 3D musical endless arcade game for mobile. In it the player pilots a spaceship that shoots lasers at incoming enemies, all taking place in sync with the soundtrack.

The Design:
Differentiating ourselves in the market was my primary focus for this project. With a considerable amount of research, I pitched the idea that seemed simple, that nobody else (at the time) was doing. After finalizing the documentation and systems for this eight lane endless runner, I began laying out levels in Excel while composing them in Ableton.
Every meeting I gave feedback to my team members to improve visual feedback, level implementation, and marketing, along with making test plans and attending play-test session.
The game was exhibited at Gamefest 2016 and received compliments from many attendees.
Sample Documentation:
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