Development Info:
Date: March, 2017
Timeframe: 3 months
Position: Designer, Programmer, Producer
Platform: In-browswer WebGL
Tools: JavaScript, Three.js, Node.js, Github, Slides
Team size: Solo
Modscript is an old-school arcade speed-running first person shooter. It is a heavily modified version of the open source game Gorescript. The game is a corridor shooter where the player's speed is directly linked to their health bar. 

Role and Intent:
The experience can be summed up as: emulating the arcade FPS era, while making the player feel like a cybernetic speed power house. I was responsible for the many iterations the game went through to get the desired balance between competitive speed running, and ease of use. During development, I was advised by Patrick Fortier, Gameplay Director at Eidos Montreal.

The game is available to play in-browser. It received a lot of positive feedback and playtime from speed-runners. I kicked off the first release of the game with a website and worked to get leader-boards for the community.
For more information I encourage you to watch my developer commentary above, and check out the Modscript website.

World record in Modscript Level 2

Early screen shot demonstrating some player actions and speed as health

Open Source Level Editor starting point for the first level of modscript

Sample code from modscript


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