Development Info:
Date: May, 2017
Timeframe: 4 months
Position: Systems and Sound Designer
Platform: HTC Vive
Tools: Unity, Ableton Live 9, Audition, Forms, Illustrator
Team size: 9
                         • Organized play-test sessions
                         • Designed virtual reality interactions
                         • Balanced entity behaviors
                         • Implemented and created 3D audio synced with animations
                         • Created AI routes
                         • Reported findings to client
                         • Presented to Ubisoft Montreal
Game Description:
MITO: VR is an experimental VR game set in an unknown organic environment, where nothing is created or destroyed. The game is a mix between a mysterious atmosphere, and a gross, disgusting flesh. It is a cinematic experience with an emphasis on exploration and sightseeing. In the game, you can pick, pull, and throw objects around the environment. Ultimately, making you care and protect your light source as it awakens the swarm within the cave.
The Challenge:
Being an experimental virtual reality experience, part of the challenge was to come up with intuitive ways for players to interact with the world. We came up with interactions as simple as, grabbing, throwing, and pulling. It was my job to make the weight of these interactions feel believable and in our clients words: "unlike anything anybody has experienced before." I worked closely with VFX, AI behaviors, and animations to make sure everything felt right.

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