Development Info:
Date: November 2019
Timeframe: 9 months
Position: Designer, Programmer
Platform: Android, iOS
Tools: Unity, Illustrator
Team size: 5
Mew and Me is a collection of games that you or your cat can play. It uses stat tracking to tell you what your pet has been doing while you were away.
I designed and developed games available in the application, as well as the first co-op game for humans and cats. A lot of usability and play-testing took place to make sure the cats knew how to intuitively play the game on the screen. I primarily designed and coded the games from start to finish.
The most important thing about these game projects was providing different kinds of gameplay that both cats and their owners would enjoy. The first game I concepted the design for was the co-op cat game 'Galaxy Cats'. Players would maneuver about the ship and watch as their cat squashed the evil rat empire, while traveling about different planets and watching their cat virtually level up. 
The next game I worked on was a simple online game that can be played on any platform. Humans and cats are able to enter this online ball room and see where each player has tapped on the screen via the dots. The yarn ball bounces around the room and the cats try to tap on it.
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