Development Info:
Date: August, 2017
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Position: Design, Conception, Creation
Platform: PC
Tools: Unity, Illustrator, Excel
Team size: Solo
                         • Analyzed Battlerite stats to create a statistically balanced experience
                         • Prototyped MOBA gameplay to prove champion concept
                         • Made custom animation state machines
                         • Assembled with free art assets
                         • Released within 2 week timeframe
Game Description:
Made for a self proposed design challenge at the end of the summer. The goal was to create a statistically balanced ranged champion for the game Battlerite. Using other champion stats to create an accurate data pool to inform decisions, the idea was to create a design that provided a unique and diverse direction for the game, while simultaneously being familiar, and fitting in with the current gameplay state. The prototype displays how the theoretical champion would work in game.

More Info:
The prototype is available to download on where you can view my developer commentary, and my personal postmortem.
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