Development Info:
Date: September 2020
Timeframe: 4 months
Position: Designer, Programmer
Platform: iOS, Android
Tools: Unity, Firebase, Augmented Reality
Team size: 3+
Jadu is a gamified social media app that utilizes motion capture data of real world musicians to allow users to dance with their performer of choice.
I was brought on to help create a completely new app. 
This included developing entirely new UI flows and screens, along with the general app structure, back end data storage, and the use of state-of-the-art hologram technology.
As I had never worked with AR before, I was really excited to get working on the project! I spent some time messing around with the new technology before figuring out how to implement it properly in the application. My tasks then consisted of providing seamless and responsive transitions between the different screens and the apps many features.  
You can find out more on the Jadu website!
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