Development Info:
Date: January 2022
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Position: Designer, Programmer
Platform: PC
Tools: Unreal Engine 5
Team size: 1
Unannounced Coconut Game was my first game developed with Unreal Engine 5. It showcases the new features (Nanite and Lumen) in a simple yet challenging platformer.
My goal for the project was to create a realistic and good looking tropical island with high quality assets, as well as gameplay that didn't make the realism feel too out of place but is equally as engaging as contemporary platformers.
The hardest part of this project was waiting for all the assets to download. Most of the assets are from Quixel Megascans and Epic Games, and because the goal was to make the most realistic looking game. There were a lot of shaders to compile and gigabytes to download.

Once the look of the project was solidified I began working in a greybox test scene to map out the scale of the platformer while working to develop the core mechanics and effects. 

Overall the game turned out great and I am definitely excited to work in Unreal in the future.
You can download the demo on the password is 'coconut'
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