Development Info:
Date: December, 2016
Timeframe: 4 weeks
Position: VR Architect, Programmer, Sound and System Designer
Platform: Android, Gear VR
Tools: Unity, Ableton Live 9, Illustrator
Team size: Solo with Andrea Cincotta
                   • Created systems, music and level design
                   • Guided art direction
                   • Exhibited at Gamefest 2016 
                   • Worked with graphic designer to create an art gallery that represents their work
                   • Implemented and programmed movement in VR
                   • Worked to ensure a smooth experience on mobile (Gear VR)
                   • Pioneered VR quality assurance and play-testing practices
Game Description:
Clip Art VR is an experimental art gallery in Virtual Reality. I wanted the game to reflect the abstractness of the designers art, through exploration, visuals, and sound effects. The game was made with the intention that the user did not have to view all the paintings to enjoy the experience. 

The Design Challenge:
Being new to VR, I wanted movement to feel like floating in space. Getting that to feel right, and not make players nauseous was where most of my time was spent. Players were not required to move, but if they did, they were rewarded with scenic views of an 'aquatic' space-like gallery. In addition, leading players to perspective changing puzzle solutions was difficult in an abstract setting.
Players reported feeling satisfied with the experience, with smiles on their faces when they discovered new rooms and virtual spaces to explore.

Currently in the process of being reviewed for the Oculus Store
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