My story:
Being the son of a Movie Producer and Writer, from an early age I took an interest to film and all things technology. I would later go on to direct, edit, and produce multiple films and TV shows for various organizations. 
When my family moved from LA to Martha's Vineyard, I was thrust into the island culture. I became a part of a community who all loved this small rock we shared. I found film makers, yogis, musicians, and so much more. I would attend regular yoga classes, and even started a rock-band with some of my friends. We played at a lot of venues around the island, but would frequently take breaks to play the newest video games.
Video games were a commodity on the island, as we couldn't get them without ordering them online, or taking a ferry. I started making games with what was available. This led me to learning Java, Hammer, and a bunch of other game making tools, all so I could create and share experiences.
I began to build levels and custom games with Hammer, Halo 3, and Far Cry 2 map and game mode editors. I later would join an infamous modding community, where I may or may not have modded myself to 10th prestige in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
With some guidance, I started to make maps for Portal and Unreal Tournament 3. After hours of developing puzzles and maps, getting to see people actually play the experience was unforgettable. Even if the game wasn't perfect, players enjoyed themselves. I found some resources online to better my design skills, via Extra Credits and the GDC Vault.
Just like that, I had found my passion to create meaningful experiences.
It was time for me to leave the island in pursuit of a game development career. I headed up north to Champlain College, to learn game production from industry professionals. There my background in yoga and art came in handy, as I regularly attended philosophical and moral debates, which gave me balance between my studies and life. I even got the chance to study abroad in Montreal, which was a tremendously valuable experience. There I received training from developers at Ubisoft, Eidos, as well as Zenimax, and id Software.​​​​​​​
I recently attended my first GDC, and was a Conference Associate at the event.
Every month I post an article or two, about game design, where I have been featured on Medium's front page and linked in Forbes.
In my free time I focus on meditation, self improvement, and gaining new experience.
Below you can find a collection of my photography and art.
Don't forget to check out my games and documentation!
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