I am a tech savvy individual with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design.
I specialize in moment to moment gameplay flow with memorable events and meaningful systems.
In practice, I direct, conceptualize, script, research, and build game features from start to finish.
My goal is to work full-time at a game studio.
Below you will find links to some of my work.
I also write articles and game reviews frequently and have been featured on Medium's homepage and linked in Forbes.

Recently I have made a game with 20,000+ plays, a web/mobile music game featuring flor, and a coconut game with Unreal Engine 5.
 Took the initiative to learn Source 2 modding hacks before the Workshop release
 Designed, and programmed custom map and sequences
Documented, and prototyped ideas and functionality
Created custom NOVR solution, scripts, and puzzle using Lua, Batch files, and tools
 Contributed to modding community by normalizing FPS mode jump
Released and updated on the Steam Workshop 
 Created the first ever co-op cat game
 Organized research and play-test sessions
 Analyzed and reported qualitative and quantitative data with behavioral telemetry
 Designed and implemented gameplay, UI, and UX from the ground up
 Released and created cross platform multiplayer demo using Node.js
 Bug fixing and polish
 Designed, programmed, and produced a continuously updated cross platform online strategy game
Documented, pitched, and rapidly prototyped gameplay ideas
Analyzed play-test data, and automated spreadsheets
Balanced multiplayer gameplay in Excel
On-boarded new members
Managed tasks on Redmine and Trello
Released on Android and PC
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